CBD Oil for Epilepsy and Seizures : The Natural Way


What Exactly Is It?

  A seizure is a rapid shift in the common electro-chemical nuero-activity in the brain. During a seizure, brain cells "light" wildly as up to four times their normal speed. Which instantly altering the person's movement, thinking, feelings or simply their current state.

  Seizures can be caused by disruptions of the regular connections between nerve cells . which includes a high temperature, low or high blood sugar, withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, brain injury. Seizures occurring two or more times called as epilepsy 

Conventional treatments 

  • AED - Anti-epileptic drugs Ex : sodium valproate. carbamazepine. Lamotrigine
  • high doses of steroids and neurostimulation therapies
  • surgery to remove a tiny area of the brain that is causing the seizures 
  • a particular diet (ketogenic diet) that can aid seizure management

The Human Endo-cannabinoid (ECS) and Seizures

  Epilepsy has been associated with ECS dysfunction and, in particular, neuro-inflammation. Many of the ECS's ligands and receptors have a role in inflammatory responses. As a result, the ECS is expected to play a key role in the development and incidence of neuropathology, as various locations along the complicated signaling pathways might be altered. 

  On the other hand  the ECS is one of the major axes of the Central nervous system. Its main function is to control synaptic activity (both excitatory and inhibitory) via releasing endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) 

How it helps ?

  The ECS's critical function in neuronal health and inflammation has been established to be a prominent actor in epileptogenesis via a multiplicity of signalling pathways, according to the many solid evidence relating epilepsy, the ECS, and cannabinoids. CBD, in specifically, shows promise as a strong anti-seizure medication. 

  In addition  the CBD-containing drug Epidiolex has been used for the epileptic seizures treatment in USA. In India the CBD, cannabis extract - combined CBD-THC extract has been used to support epilepsy. Thus the food consumption while CBD course plays vital role in doubling the effects of CBD, THC therefore needs tp be aware of diet. 

 Since the partial legality has paved the way for Indians to relieve from seizures. More transparent initiatives can led the way for more accurate clinical trials, studies for our future generation. Therefore CBD is an antagonist for THC’s psychcotropic effects, one needs to be aware of their dosage protocol, especially for children. 

  For additional information on the consuming regimen, clinical counsel from CBD Shop of India affiliated with prominent cannabinoid specialists will be pleased to assist for a risk-free CBD course.