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Cannasules T™ - Broad Spectrum Tincture - 1500 mg

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Experience the power of Cannasules T™ - Broad Spectrum Tincture, derived from natural hemp plants. Crafted without artificial processes, these capsules offer pure vijaya extract benefits for optimal results. Elevate your well-being with Cannasules L and unlock its remarkable benefits.

  • Potency- 1500 mg / Bottle
  • Per Serving- 1 ml equals to 150 mg 
  • Half Serving- 0.5 ml equals to 75 mg
  • Quantity- 10 ml
  • Shelf life- 12 months
  • Ingredients- 15% Vijaya extract - Broad-Spectum
  • Country of origin- India
  • Prescription Mandatory Product

Best for

  • Reduce Anxiety, Enhance Your Well-being
  • Live Depression Free
  • Experience Restful Sleep like Never Before
  • Find Relief from Pain
  • Soothe Neuropathy Discomfort
  • Reduce Epileptic Seizures
  • Provide Neuro-protection
  • Enhance Mental and Physical Health
  • Harness Anti-inflammatory Benefits

How to use the Vijaya Extract Tincture?

To consume Cannasules T, a vijaya extract tincture, follow these steps:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use to ensure proper mixing.
  2. Measure the desired dosage using the provided dropper.
  3. Administer the tincture sublingually by placing it under your tongue and holding it for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.
  4. Monitor the effects and adjust the dosage as needed to achieve your desired results.
  5. Repeat the sublingual administration throughout the course as necessary. 

How much tincture should I consume?

Start your CBD journey with a recommended daily dosage of 0.25 - 0.5 ml, especially for beginners. Observe how your body responds to 0.25 ml and increase gradually to 0.5 ml if needed. Monitor your body's reactions closely and consult a healthcare professional or CBD specialist for personalized guidance, ensuring optimal results.

Which strength is right for me?

For beginners, taking 0.25 ml CBD tincture is typically effective. However, it's crucial for beginner users to evaluate their specific needs and consult with a doctor or CBD specialist for personalized guidance. They can assess whether 0.25 ml is suitable for you or if any adjustments to the dosage are recommended for optimal results.

What does Vijaya Extract mean?

Vijaya Extract, commonly refers to a beneficial plant extract derived from hemp plants and medical cannabis. In India, Vijaya Extract is renowned for its potential therapeutic properties, including CBD's health benefits. Trust in the power of vedic vijaya extract for holistic wellness.

About United Tesla Hemp Company

United Tesla Hemp Company is a renowned brand in the Indian CBD market, offering premium hemp and Vijaya extract products. Their meticulous extraction process maintains high standards, while their formulations blend scientific research with Ayurvedic principles. Experience the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation through their top-quality CBD products. Trust United Tesla Hemp Company for an exceptional CBD experience.

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