CBD Discount Program

To promote the use of hemp-based natural remedies, CBD Shop of India offers discount on their products. To learn about who are eligible to benefit from our discount program, please continue reading through this entire section.

***Please note individuals who avail discount under this program are not eligible to further discounts and price reductions.


Discount for First time CBD users

If you are thinking to use CBD oil for the first time, you have landed on a right website. To encourage people to try this natural remedy, we offer 10% discount to you. All you need to do is reach out to us using our WhatsApp number or email and we will send you a code that would give you 10% discount on your first CBD oil purchase.

*** Please note you need to buy two Cannabryl products in one go to avail this 10% discount.



Discount for Indian students

We have an exclusive offer for Indian students to help them to better deal with their study related stress and anxiety. We offer exclusive cashbacks to the Indian college students. Buy any one of our product and get 5% cashback credit that can be claimed in the next 2 purchases. 

In other words, after your first purchase you can enjoy 5% discount on your next two purchases.

Send your college ID to avail this offer. Cash back details will be registered and coupon will be send to your registered e-mail address, mobile number. can be claimed easily by your next purchases.




Discount program for veterans

In order to recognize the services of our veterans to protect the borders of our country, we offer a veteran discount program. The ex-service men can get 10% discount by purchasing two products as once. 

Send us your details including service certificate using our WhatsApp or email. Once we receive your details, we will process it as early as possible and send you a code to enjoy the 10% discount.



Discount program for seniors

Seniors are among the age group who often need using different medicines and supplements to maintain their health. If you are living in India and your are over 60 years of age, you can get an exclusive 10% discount on all products of CBD Shop of India.