About us


  The CBD Shop of India is committed to providing the finest quality ayurvedic hemp products. We are motivated by a philosophy that every Indian should get access to the hemp-based natural remedy at a time and place of their choice. By offering quality products at affordable prices, we are contributing to the CBD evolution. We are determined to support Indian people who want to enrich their lives through the use of ayurvedic CBD based products.

  From product procurement to shipment, we take care of the consumption needs of cannabis lovers. Only products that meet our gold quality standards can find a place in our online ayurvedic CBD store.

   All products in our online CBD shop are produced using the best extraction processes from organically grown premium quality hemp. Whether you are taking natural CBD to get relief from pains, aches, or other conditions, our CBD oil can meet your consumption needs in the best possible way. You would be delighted with the quality, potency, and consistency of our CBD oil.

  We take pride in offering the best customer service to the ayurvedic community in India. Whether you are looking to pick an appropriate product or decide on suitable dosing, our customer service is always ready to extend a helping hand.

  By providing the most relevant information in a transparent manner, we help CBD oil users to make an informed decision. We empower people to achieve improved health and wellness by choosing the best natural remedy for them.

  We are more than a business as we educate, empower, and improve lives. Each time you trust us, we will try to go above and beyond your expectations.


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